Thursday, September 22, 2016

Puerto Rico Hit With Islandwide Blackout After Fire Erupts

The following excerpts are taken from the NY Times article "Puerto Rico Hit With Islandwide Blackout After Fire Erupts" (Sept 21, 2016)

>> SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico — A big fire erupted at an electricity plant that powers most of Puerto Rico on Wednesday, causing a blackout that swept across the U.S. territory of 3.5 million people.

[...] "The entire island is without power," said Angel Crespo, director of Puerto Rico's fire department.

[...] The outage also affected water service across the island, with officials urging customers to be prudent in their usage.

[...] The outage angered many Puerto Ricans who are struggling with power bills that are on average twice that of the U.S. mainland. People took to social media to demand where exactly their money is going.

Puerto Rico is mired in a decade-long economic slump, and a newly created federal control board is working to restructure nearly $70 billion in public debt that the governor has said is unpayable. <<


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