Sunday, September 02, 2012

Wrapped in the flag of bloodthirsty U.S. imperialism (RT-SP)

The following is a re-print of Steven Argue (of the Revolutionary Tendency of the Socialist Party)'s response to the campaign poster of the Socialist Party shown below:

Wrapped in the flag of bloodthirsty U.S. imperialism

Has the Socialist Party or the candidates approved this horrible campaign poster of Stewart Alexander and Alejandro Mendoza posing in front of the flag of blood thirsty U.S. imperialism? After murdering three million Vietnamese people, two million Korean people, over a million Iraqi people, and over a million Afghani people (with the eight billion dollar U.S. imperialist war of the 1980's that that began in 1978 and ended with the enslavement of the women of Afghanistan), etc., why not just pose in front of a Nazi flag? Likewise, U.S. imperialism is the biggest enemy of democracy in the world, how can the Socialist Party claim to be for "democratic" socialism while pandering to the social chauvinism wrapped in the national flag of U.S. imperialism? If the SP and / or the Alexander campaign are not responsible for this poster, I would ask that you please distance yourselves from it.

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