Sunday, August 26, 2012

Revolutionary Greetings from SULU to LTS (Mexican section of the FT-CI)

The following is a re-print of the Revolutionary Greetings from SU/LU to the Liga de Trabajadores por Socialismo (LTS) Mexican section of Fracción Trotskista (FT) commemorating the 72nd Anniversary of the Assassination of Leon Trotsky presented 8/25/12 Coyoacán, Mexico at the Museo de Leon Trotsky:

Comrades Struggles United/Luchas Unidas (SULU) send you revolutionary greetings for the 72nd anniversary of the assassination of Leon Trotsky. The proletarianization of the world, class struggles with youth and women at the head were predictions of Trotsky. The world working class is battling our economic and ideological enemies. From Chile to South Africa Stalinism exposes itself as a butcher betrayer of the working class. Trotskyism is our strongest arm to win the final battle against imperialism, capitalism.

We are proud to stand side by side with LTS and FT in denouncing imperialism and capitalism and organize against the largest most murderous imperialist capitalist country- the United States. The US government through both capitalist parties with support of the union bureaucracy works without ceasing to attack the working class and oppressed groups world-wide and inside. From the infamous electoral fraud of Pena Nieto supported by the US government to its daily police repression in the US against working class immigrants, Black communities, the dis-abled, women, LGBTQ.

Recently, SULU intervened against police repression with the ideas of Trotsky. We call for Worker’s Self-Defense against police repression, political strikes of labor like the subway workers strike in Argentina when Mariano Ferrerya was murdered by the union bureaucracy. We were in the streets during the uprising in Anaheim, California -the city of Disneyland who employs the security firm once called “Blackwater” to put down the uprising against the murder of working class youth Manuel Diaz. Our exchange with FT Pan y Rosas for International Women’s Day highlighted the need to build international solidarity among working class women. The revolution must have women at the front of it- must confront, capitalism, imperialism, patriarchism and fight for our rights to our bodies or it will not happen.

With our fists raised we send our solidarity and revolutionary greetings to you! Long Live the World Wide Working Class! Down the Union Bureaucracy! Long Live Leon Trotsky and the Fourth International!

Struggles United/Luchas Unidas

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