Sunday, February 06, 2011

February 8: An International Labor Solidarity Day with the Egyptian Revolution

February 8, 2011
An Action Day.. An International Labor Solidarity Day
With the Egyptian Revolution

CTUWS, February 5, 2011: The ITUC General Council in its meeting in Brussels yesterday, has decided to choose the day "February 8" to be a Solidarity Day of the Trade unions With the Egyptian Revolution, by organizing "Labor demonstrations" in front of the Egyptian Embassies by "Labor Confederations" around the world, and presenting a letter of the concerns of trade unions to the Egyptian Ambassadors which expresses Solidarity with the Egyptians' Demonstrators, demanding democratic transition in Egypt as soon as possible, and ensuring no impunity for the people responsible for the killings, assaults and intimidation of innocent people.
The Confederation Letter which will be presented by demonstrations Organizers at the Egyptian Embassies on February 8, will confirm their solidarities with the Egyptian Workers who have initiate establishing their independent trade union, and struggle for their demands.

The Confederation Letter confirms the importance of the workers right to establish their union freely, and Egypt's commitment to the International treaties and the commitment to Democratic Rights of Workers.

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