Monday, January 09, 2006

Bolivian Elections: Evo Morales Tries to Straddle an Abyss

No to MAS’ “Andean Capitalism” – Fight for Workers Revolution!
Bolivian Elections: Evo Morales Tries to Straddle an Abyss

The landslide victory of Indian peasant leader Evo Morales in the December 18 Bolivian elections was met with jubilation by most of the international left, and dire pronouncements from spokesmen for U.S. imperialism. Winning close to 54 percent of the vote, the leader of the Movimiento al Socialismo (MAS – Movement Towards Socialism) is the first candidate in recent Bolivian history elected with an absolute majority. Washington has demonized Morales, who came to prominence as the leader of coca-growing peasants targeted by the U.S. “drug war,” particularly because of his friendship with Venezuelan president Hugo Ch├ívez and Cuba’s Fidel Castro. Yet Morales’ program is for “Andean and Amazonian capitalism.” Despite the hopes placed in him by his peasant and indigenous followers, we warn that the MAS is hardly socialist, and Morales’ bourgeois nationalist government will administer Bolivia within the framework of capitalism, spelling more misery for the masses.

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