Thursday, October 06, 2005

U.S. Senate Shortchanges Uzbekistan

"The U.S. Senate voted Wednesday to block the payment of $23 million for past use of an air base that the Uzbek government recently said will no longer host U.S. aircraft and troops" reports the AP.

For almost four years now the Karshi-Khanabad (a.k.a. K-2) base, located in the former Soviet Republic Uzbekistan, which borders a northern area of Afganistan has been crucial to the United States ruling class in its imperialist invasion and occupation of Afghanistan. In July, Uzbekistan gave the US 180 days to vacate the base after U.S.
government criticized the Uzbek government's alleged suppression of demonstrators. The Senators said the bill would be paid only when the Urbek government "shows that it is again willing to work as a U.S. partner." With the murderous, imperialist, arrogant, and even cheap, nature of the U.S. ruling class, one could see why the Uzbekistan ruling elite would be excited joining the U.S. again as a "partner."

It appears that the U.S. Pentagon will be moving the troops from the Uzbek base to Ganci in Kyrgyzstan.

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